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Lake Gondola needs repairs

Medicine Park_The City of Lawton owns a lake in the middle of Medicine Park.  It's called Lake Gondola and it needs some major repairs. The dam is broken.  Residents say the lake is overgrown with plants and algae and there is over 10 feet of silt at the bottom.  But, Lawton hasn't fixed the problems and Medicine Park residents don't want to wait any longer. They want to fix up their town and the lake at the center of it.  So, Tuesday, they asked the city to give the lake to them.

The falling water at Medicine Park is a beautiful site, but the water isn't supposed to spill over quite like it does. "Well we had a flood several years ago that damaged the dam and it lowered the water level a couple of feet . Aand we've been waiting to do something to try to repair the dam and get it back to what it was pre-flood," said Medicine Park resident David McCoy.

The broken dam isn't the only problem. Add the overgrown aquatic plants, silt, and sludge. "It's a health hazard and it's a danger also. We've had people get in the lake and the mud is like really deep. It's the silt that's in the lake, which is not hazardous, it's just a safety issue," said McCoy.

There are also legal issues.  The original property survey done in the fifties wasn't even done correctly. "The survey doesn't close and some of the calls were off and it was a clerical error that was made at the time. The survey was intended to go around the edge of the water of the lake." The survey is so far off that the lines go well into people's properties and onto Medicine Park roads. But, Medicine Park can't fix any of those problems until they get the deed signed over. "We would love to clean it up and maintain it and seek the funds to repair the dams but we don't own it and we certainly could go after funds and grants and put the energy in it to make that happen," said Medicine Park resident Candace McCoy.

After residents gave the presentation to Lawton City Council Tuesday night, at least 3 council members seemed to support Medicine Park's idea. Lawton's Mayor Purcell advised the City Manager and City Attorney to look into what can be done.

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