Lawton girl says man tried to lure her into his car

Lawton_A young Lawton girl is safe on Wednesday night, after an incident that could have had a tragic ending.  She says someone tried to lure her into a vehicle while she was walking to school.  She says it happened Wednesday morning at the intersection of West 72nd and Taylor Street when a man pulled up beside her and asked if she would like a ride, and how far she was going.

The girl says she refused to take the ride and continued walking, but the man kept persisting with his offer for a ride.  A parent taking kids to school saw what was happening, and drove this girl the rest of the way.  The girl's mother says she is glad her daughter was smart enough to say no to the ride.  She says she hopes that by doing this story, other kids will know the right thing to do.

The girl says she walked to school just like any other morning.  "I left my house and I started walking to school," she said.  "I noticed there was a red car coming down very slowly."  What happened that morning was anything but ordinary for the girl.  "He said asked me if I was going far, and he told me to get into the car," she said.  She says she told the man, "I'm good," but it didn't faze him - he kept on.  "It started scaring me because he just kept talking to me, and told me to get in his car again."

It's a good thing she didn't get in the car.  The man may have been persistent, but she was too.  "Then he pulled up on the wrong side of the street by me, and asked me where I was going," she said.  At about that time, she says a friend's parent was driving to the school.  She says she saw their car, and the parent had seen what was happening.  "Came up and asked me if I know him...I told her, 'No.'"

Her friend's parent took her the rest of the way to school, but the story doesn't end there.  Once she got to school, she told the principal, who called the police.  "If there is a predator, we would like other people to be aware and talk to their children, so if they're offered a ride they'll be very wise and not take that ride," the principal said.

The brave girl says she has a message for other kids who might be walking to school or anywhere strangers could get to them.  "You don't really think that could happen to you, but it can happen to anybody," she said.  "There's millions of people that it happens to all the time."  The girl told police and 7News that the man was driving a red car that looked like a Neon.  She said he had a 'Santa Claus' style beard, and looked to be in his 60s or 70s.  She says he was wearing a plaid baseball cap.

The girl's mother says Lawton Police are investigating, and if you have any information, please call Lawton Crimestoppers at 580-355-4636.