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11-year-old starts safety patrol at Lawton school

Lawton_Safety is a parent's number one concern. Especially if their kids walk or ride bikes to and from school.  Now there's someone to watch and help at Geronimo Road Children's School in Lawton, all because of one little boy's idea. Now, student safety patrollers help other students before and after school. They are trained in peer counseling and they can even write a referral to the principal.

11-year-old Caleb Lemke brought the idea to his principal in October. In January, Geronimo Road Children's School kicked off the program. Now, twelve 5th graders are helping to keep their fellow students safe. "Some of them will hurt themselves, some of them will get in fights, all that," said Caleb Lemke.

Caleb first saw a safety patrol program at his old school in Tulsa. His family moved to Lawton before he was old enough to join the patrol. He was devastated to find out his new school didn't have one. So, he sprung into action. "Wrote down the requirements, the basic uniform and all the stuff like that, and took it to the principal. Good idea. Light in the head. Bing bing. Safety patrol," said Lemke.

The principal, a former safety patrol student himself, was a big supporter. "These students help us by being visible number one. And number two is making sure in the mornings out here in front of the school that they're lining up orderly that they're not playing around and not getting into a situation where one of them might get hurt," said Geronimo Road's Principal Harold McCann.

He also tells 7NEWS Caleb and the group of patrollers are doing a great job. He says since the program started in January, he's already seen a significant drop in behavioral problems before and after school.

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