Pickens says her horse sanctuary plans slowed

Reno_Madeleine Pickens says her plan to create a wild horse sanctuary in the west has been slowed but not derailed by the worst economy in a generation.

The wife of Dallas oil tycoon and Oklahoma Native T. Boone Pickens says discussions with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management have stalled as the agency waits for a new director following President Barack Obama's election.

Pickens told the Associated Oress in a recent telephone interview she can't get anything done because there's nobody to work with.  She says she understands Congress is focusing on the recession and how to jump start the economy and that's what she wants them doing.

Pickens' sanctuary proposal surfaced last fall after the BLM said it was considering euthanasia as a way to reduce rising costs of keeping horses gathered from the open range in long-term holding facilities.

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