Naked man stops traffic

Lawton_Several hundred people on Fort Sill Boulevard in Lawton got quite a show Wednesday when a man strutted his stuff stark naked. Police say they got several calls from drivers and homeowners who spotted the guy. "He was wearing absolutely nothing, he was butt naked," said Kirk Geer.  "It took a few seconds for it to register that he was naked. I thought someone was directing traffic," said Starr Cannon.

She still couldn't believe what she saw until he faced her. "When he turned around I realized he was naked of course the colors, shadows, contrasts, you know white, yes, I realized he was very naked. No shoes, no nothing," said Cannon.

Starr caught a quick picture with her cell phone. Others were still trying to figure out what they saw. "He ran across the street then back across then stood in the middle of the road. Then was flagging down traffic and talking about stuff. I couldn't hear him but he was in the middle of the road for a while," said Geer.

He called the police. Police said he wasn't the only one to call either. They also received a call from a homeowner saying the naked man had stolen a trash can. There were other calls that he'd tried to get into some other homes. Officials said they found him shortly after inside a home on Fort Sill Boulevard. Police said the man has been admitted into the hospital and no charges have been filed.