Will 'Watchmen' thrill fans?

Lawton_Another Friday night, another superhero movie opening at the box office - but, 'Watchmen' is different.  Some said it never would become a movie, and the director even called it the 'un-filmable film.'  Fans have waited 23 years to see the graphic novel become a movie reality.  It's the tale of a superhero team trying to find who killed one of their own - and, it finally has made it to the Silver Screen.

It started as a 12-issue comic book series, and became one of the best-selling graphic novels of all time.  Movie studios hope to repeat that success at the box office, and so far the ticket sales have been good - some folks ordered their tickets weeks ago.  "I think I first heard about 'Watchmen' five or six years ago, said John Hagee.  "I didn't read it until maybe three years ago and, honestly, my first thought was, 'Wow, this is really long.'"

The movie is long, too - almost three hours long.  However, some fans will spend that much time in the car just to get to the theatre.  "My brother drove in a couple hours so that he could see it with me and my husband," said Jennifer Keller.  "Why am I seeing it?  Because I had the comic book, read a portion of it, was interested in seeing how it would translate into a movie, and that's why I'm here."

If the movie doesn't satisfy the fans' hunger for 'Watchmen,' no problem.  There are books, spoofs, and collectible character figurines to sate their appetite.  The movie already has created a lot of new fans.  "There was a lot interest in the graphic novel before the movie, and now since the movie has been released there seems to be a lot more interest in it," said Greg Edwards, owner of Carolina Comics in Lawton.  He says that has been true for all of the recent comic book related movies, whether it's 'Sin City,' 'Batman,' or 'Spiderman.'  "They're real curious now," said Edwards.  "Once they get a taste of what the movie's about, they really want to know the character.  So, it seems we get a lot of new faces in every day, wanting to know more about the character."

For those already familiar with the 'Watchmen' characters, there are some doubts the film will hold true, but they still are excited to see it on the big screen.  "I hope it's good," said Hagee.  "I enjoyed the director's other movie, '300.'  In that one, he had to take liberties.  I don't think you can with this one - the fans would kill him."

A word of caution to parents with kids who like cartoon superheroes - this is not the movie for youngsters.  However, for an action-packed murder mystery with social commentary on the Cold War - this one can't be missed.

Movies are not the only things helping comic book sales - a recent issue of 'The Amazing Spiderman' had President Barack Obama on the cover.  Sales were so high that they already have had to re-print additional copies of the issues four times.