Casinos rolling the dice on new employees

Lawton_If you've driven by one of the casinos, you've probably noticed one thing that never seems to change: the parking lots are packed. They're busier than ever. So to keep up with all the traffic, casinos are hiring more than ever, too.  That's a stark contrast to many other industries that are feeling the pinch of layoffs. Casino staffers say it's an industry that will always be around and will always pay out.

All hours of the day, the machines are filled. "We believe while the economy appears to be slowing in some areas, for us it's not. We continue to have record growth and record earnings and record hiring," said Fort Sill Apache Casino General Manager Darrell Nott. It's not necessarily people that have casino experience. "Never in my life, I saw myself working in a casino, because all my life I had been in banking," said one worker. There's a little tie in with money for him. But for some, even more drastic changes.  "There are too many too count. It's just you have a certain flow with heating, air, and plumbing and then you come into something like this, it's just everything is different, so you just basically have to forget everything you've done for the past year and come in with a new slate," said another worker.

At recent job fairs, this casino has even had too many people eager for a job. "We had a hundred applicants that we could satisfy then we ran out of applications and had to go get some more applications," said Nott.

Fort Sill Apache Casino in Lawton is really growing at a record pace right now because of the future plans of expansion including a hotel and a couple restaurants.