Shots fired at Lawton biker

Lawton_Police say a man was shot near 19th and McKinley in South Lawton around 4:30 Tuesday afternoon. Officials say he was riding his bike when another man he did not know attacked him. They say the victim ran off and the suspect fired four or five shots. One hit the victim in his right arm near his elbow. Police are looking for the suspect.

Some bystanders saw it all happen. They say they saw the shooter chase after the victim, Luther Dugans, and gun him down. They say, they've seen the suspect before and they were able to give a description to police. "Our suspect is described as a black male seen wearing white and orange clothing. He fled the area in a black and color caprice," said Lawton Police Department Captain Wade Shaw.

Bystanders gave information of the car to police too and police were able to find the owner. "The owner of the vehicle loaned this car to the suspect a couple weeks ago and the suspect has been driving this vehicle," said Shaw.

Police say they did find the car not far from where the shooting took place. But there was no one inside. Bystanders also tell police, the suspect had others with him. Witnesses tell 7NEWS, more than one suspect attacked Dugans. "There may have been some other individuals with him at the time but we have not identified them at this time."

Captain Shaw tells 7NEWS officers are looking for the suspect, but the victim refuses to file charges against him. Dugans has been treated and released from an area hospital.