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Ten years later, Kemp still on most wanted list

Lawton_A decade ago on March 11, nine inmates escaped from the Comanche County jail in Lawton.  Over the next few days, law enforcement officials tracked and captured eight of them - but, one remains at large, David Lee Kemp. 

Kemp was in jail awaiting trial for the murders of his ex-wife, Christina Kemp, and her boyfriend, Robert Miller.  The couple was shot and killed at the Falcon Ridge Apartments on Lawton's East Side on August 11, 1998.

The date haunts James Miller, Robert's brother, and he still holds onto hope that this man he believes killed his brother will be caught and tried.  Ten years ago he heard about the jailbreak and wondered if Kemp got out.  "I was hoping it wasn't, but a good friend of my brother works for the police department," said Miller.  "He called me, so right off the bat, I knew he escaped."  Miller says he immediately got into his car and went to the jail to find out what he could do. 

Miller searched Kemp's hometown of Elgin, and heard good news of the capture of other escapees.  "As they were catching them, I was positive," he said.  "I thought. ‘Maybe they will catch this guy.'  But as time went on, they didn't catch him, and now he's still on the run."  He says he looks at pictures of his brother every day.

Comanche County Sheriff Kenny Stradley looks at a picture of David Lee Kemp every day.  During his 20 years as sheriff, Kemp is the only inmate who got away.  "I would love to get a phone call, saying, ‘we found him here,' because we would be on route to get him," he said.  "He left on my watch, and as long as I'm here as sheriff, I'll be the one that goes and gets him, because he left on my watch, and I want him back where he can stand trial."

Stradley says finding Kemp is the one thing he still has left to complete.  "Sooner or later, he's going to mess up--if he's still alive," said Stradley.  "The problem is, he tried to commit suicide at one time - he may be laying somewhere with a ‘John Doe' on his toe."  Miller says he doesn't think so.  "As far as him being alive, I know he's alive.  He's got help."

After ten years, Miller says it's hard to keep hope - but he says he'll never quit.  "It's getting to the point that, will he ever be caught?  That's the question in my mind.  If my brother was alive, and I was the one who got murdered, he wouldn't stop.  He wouldn't stop to find out where this guy is." 

Stradley says the department has received calls about sightings of Kemp in Las Vegas, Texas, and Canada, and is working with the FBI and the U.S. Marshals to find him.  If you have any information about David Lee Kemp, contact the Comanche County Sheriff's Department at 580-353-4280.

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