Two new faces on Lawton's City Council

Lawton_Lawton has a couple new faces on the City Council. Tuesday night was the first council meeting for the new team. But both new councilmen, Richard Zarle and Doug Wells have gotten calls from concerned citizens for a little over a week now. They're jumping in head first to get things done for their wards and for the city.

It's Doug Wells first time serving on City Council. But for Richard Zarle, it's a familiar spot to be in. "Well, I'm looking forward to it. I served back in the early 90's and I'm really looking forward to it again," said Ward 6's Richard Zarle.

Both already have a list of improvements to make at the citizen's request. "Things like the streets are getting in terrible shape in Lawton, the sewer replacement program, blocking off roads at times, which is good for the city, but it concerns the citizens," said Ward 8's Doug Wells.

"A lot of concerns were over the fees on water bills. That was one of the main ones. And also the shopping center on the west side of town," said Zarle. That's the Wolf Creek project that we've heard about for years. Now he hopes to get it back on the agenda again and bring several other improvements to the city too. "I think I bring experience and my age will help and my personal opinion my age will help me and my experiences in the city."

Wells said his 25 years of experience with the city and with the military will be a big contribution that he hopes to make. "I will continue to provide all the support I can to citizens in the ward or citizens throughout the city of Lawton and hopefully when I'm all done, they'll say hey, he was a good council person."

Zarle and Wells council terms go until March 2012.