Altus residents detail multiple dog attacks

Altus residents detail multiple dog attacks

ALTUS, OK (KSWO) - Two Altus women say their neighbor’s dog has been terrorizing their neighborhood for months and now, they’re demanding change.

The two women say over the last few months, their dogs have been attacked a combined four times. They say each attack came from the same dog and significantly physically and emotionally scarred the dogs.

The surveillance video from the most recent attack paints a clear picture of what Lisa Zepeda said each of the three times her dogs have been attacked looked like. Each time, she said they were simply sitting in their garage with their dogs when things quickly turned dangerous. She said the most brutal attack was the second time the dog came into her garage as the dog refused to let go of her dog’s neck.

"My husband finally had to pick up a pair of scissors and stab it. He stabbed it four times and punctured its lung, it still would not let go of our dog. He got a medal key to the water heater and beat it over the head four or five times. Only then did it let go, yelp and run away,” Zepeda said.

That situation is all too familiar for Debra Lee, who said the injuries were sustained by her dog at the hands of the boxer in her neighborhood.

"She came and had picked up my dog across his back and was shaking him and punctured him on his side. I had to take him to the emergency vet in Lawton and he had to stay over there for a few days under quarantine,” Lee said.

The women say the attacks have had significant impacts on both them and their pets. "It’s very traumatizing. When you have to go through that, when you’re sitting in your own home because someone can’t control their animal? It’s very frustrating,” Zepeda said.

"My dog he is still traumatized, he is still very skittish around people when they start waving their hands or anything like that,” Lee said.

After each of the incidents, the women say they have called Altus Animal Control but after another incident, they’re worried things are out of control.

"My fear is it’s going to mistake a small child and just go straight for it and start mauling it. That’s my fear,” Zepeda said.

"There’s some people late in the evening that walk their dogs down through here and if it gets loose and it attacks one of them, there’s no telling what will happen to that dog,” Lee said.

7NEWS went to the home that the women say the dog's owner lives at but no one answered the door.

7NEWS also reached out to Altus Animal Welfare about the incidents. They confirmed that a dog was picked up from the address and say charges have been filed through the municipal court. If the dog is found to be a viscous animal, Altus City Code says it will be put down and the owner could face a fine of up to $750.

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