Residents voice concerns over medical marijuana zoning

Residents voice concerns over medical marijuana zoning

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -People in Lawton got a chance to sound off on the city’s medical marijuana zoning for businesses. Council members voted to make revisions and continue the public hearing October 9.

“If the smell comes out of the building and someone going down the road smells the marijuana, they’re going to be high,” said one resident.

Since State Question 788 passed, city’s across the state have been working on how medical marijuana will be dispensed, processed and ran within their jurisdiction.

City Planner Richard Rogalski said Lawton could allow dispensaries in commercial zoning areas and some industrial areas.

“The dispensary we interpret to be similar to a pharmacy, therefore, it is allowed in a zoning code anywhere a pharmacy will be allowed in this code," he said.

Rogalski said some buildings could start in C-1 a major street also I-3 and I-5. He said some locations in the middle of neighborhoods may not be considered an appropriate.

Ward 4 Jay Burk said he thinks it would be an idea to have growing facilities and dispensaries in one building.

“Hundreds of thousands of dollars are going to be spent and I want it spent in Lawton Oklahoma," said Burk. "I don’t want it spent outside of our city limits because we’ve made it too restrictive.”

As for resident Debbie Smith, she said she’s confident medical marijuana will be a better addition to the community than the new alcohol laws.

“I have not personally had to use it in the past but I know what a difference it makes in peoples lives," said Smith.

Rogalski also said many people have inquired about zoning but no business has applied for a medical marijuana building permit.

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