Dogs found dead in cages along county road

Dogs found in cages

INDIAHOMA, OK (RNN Texoma) - The Comanche County Sheriff’s Office is looking for a person who locked three dogs in cages and dumped them in a ditch.

On Friday afternoon, the Sheriff's Department responded to a call near Indiahoma. When a deputy arrived, he found three dogs locked inside two cages that had been dumped off on the side of the road. Sheriff Kenny Stradley said the dogs were in bad shape when they arrived on scene.

"Two cages, one had two dogs in it that were already passed away. The other cage had a dog who had tried to bite himself out of the cage and got a foot hung. When the deputies got there they finally got him free, but it was so badly shaped we had to have it put down,” Stradley said.

Stradley said once they realized the severity of the situation, they quickly got to work on their investigation.

"It’s bad enough, and it’s against the law, if you throw a dog out. But to throw one out in a cage. There’s no chance they can get any water or any food or anything like that. That’s pretty sorry. We’re doing everything we can to find out who did this and we’re trying to bring charges to them,” Stradley said.

Please help us find the person(s) responsible for this horrid act of animal cruelty!

Posted by Comanche County Sheriff's Department on Saturday, October 6, 2018

Sheriff Stradley said cases involving injured animals are never easy to handle, but says they see far too many cases of people abandoning their pets.

"We want everyone to know if you’ve got a dog that you don’t want the dog, don’t throw them out. And for heaven’s sake, don’t throw them out in a cage,” Stradley said.

Sheriff Stradley said they do have a few leads in the case that they’re following up on, but they ask anyone with information to call the sheriff’s department at (580) 353 - 4282.

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