Students take place in pre-engineering day at the Great Plains Technology Center

Students take part in pre-engineering day

LAWTON, OK (RNN Texoma) - Students from across southwest Oklahoma got the chance to learn more about pre-engineering Monday at an event at the Great Plains Technology Center.

They showed students a look into the pre-engineering courses at the school, including civil engineering, aerospace engineering, digital electronics and the principles of engineering.

A pre-engineering instructor at the Great Plains Technology Center says she hopes this event can get a few local students interested in STEM classes. “Now is the time we want to get them interested in these classes, give them some hands-on experiences to see that yes, maybe this is something I want to do," said Pre-engineering instructor Marcia Brown. "I want to take those advanced science classes, I want to take those pre-engineering classes, and maybe I want to go to college and go into one of the STEM fields that has been growing exponentially over the years.”

At Monday’s event, students got to take part in different activities including flying drones, working on air simulators, soldering different things, building catapults and learning about physics.

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