Cyril teen a finalist in national talent show

Skylie Thompson The Talent Show

CYRIL, OK (RNN Texoma) - A Cyril teenager is one step away from winning a Hollywood talent show and earning a featured role on another show.

14-year-old Skylie Thompson has been competing on a show called “The Talent Show”, which is on a YouTube channel called Brat. In that show, competitors sing and act in hopes of making it to the next round. Thompson is one of the final three competitors.

"If I win, I will be on could nine for the rest of my life,” Thompson said.

Thompson said she was scrolling through Instagram a few months ago when her life changed forever.

"I clicked on Brat and it says they were doing a casting call for a show. I looked at all details on it and I read about it. I didn’t know it was going to be a competition. I went to my mom and was like hey, can we make this video to send into Brat, they’re doing a casting call. She was like sure, why not,” Thompson said.

Thompson and her mom sent a short video in and thought that would be the end of it.

"I had zero hope of getting into this thing, I thought it was going to be you send in your thing and you never hear back,” Thompson said. But, they shortly heard back and were told they needed to be in California in two days. They booked flights and made their way to California, where Thompson learned what the show was all about on the fly.

"It is a competition kind of like American Idol and America’s got talent combined,” Thompson said.

It started with 12 teenagers competing in singing and acting competitions. It’s now down to the final three with Thompson still in the competition. The reward for winning is the chance to appear on another show in the future.

"You get to be featured on another Brat show. Being as super fan like myself, it’d be so cool to like win and be able to be on a Brat show,” Thompson said. “And I really love performing and acting and I think it’d be cool to do that all the time.”

Thompson said she thinks this could be a great step in the right direction for a future as a performer. But win or lose, she said this has been a great experience.

“On my Instagram people are like I saw you on the talent show on Brat and I’m like that is so cool. I have some fan pages which I never in a million years thought I’d have. People are being really supportive,” Thompson said.

Thompson said it’s cool to be able to represent Cyril, Oklahoma on the show and said she hopes it encourages people to follow their dreams.

"I feel like it can really help other people from small towns. When you’re from a small town, you’re like I’m not going to get anywhere because I don’t know anybody, I don’t have enough people around me to help share and so like it’s very difficult to spread the word about yourself. It’s hard to get around and get big but if you chase you’re dreams and you’re really after it you can get there,’ Thompson said.

You can see every episode of the show here.

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