Oklahoma Attorney General announces price gouging statute in effect

Oklahoma Attorney General announces price gouging statute in effect
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Oklahoma City, OK (RNN Texoma) - Attorney General Mike Hunter announced Wednesday the Emergency Price Stabilization Act is in effect statewide after Oklahoma was recently hit by several storms, causing flooding, tornadoes and damage throughout the state.

After a deceleration of emergency the statute automatically goes into effect. It prohibits an increase of more than 10% for the price of goods and services. The law also allows the Attorney General’s office to prosecute people who attempt to gouge prices in an attempt tp take advantage of people.

“This law helps protect Oklahomans who are at their most vulnerable after a storm,” Attorney General Hunter said. “The last thing these families need is someone trying to take advantage of them. We also hope the law acts as a deterrent, preventing artificial price increases and reminds those considering breaking the law that they could face legal action by my office.”

The act stays in effect for 30 days after a state of emergency is declared, but continues to be in effect for another 180 for prices of repairs, remodeling and construction.

People who are convicted of breaking this law could face fine of $10,000 per violation.

To report a complaint individuals are encouraged to contact the Consumer Protection Unit by phone at (405) 521-2029, or email at consumerprotection@oag.ok.gov.

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