Leadership Oklahoma experiences soldier training at Ft. Sill

Leadership Oklahoma experiences soldier training at Ft. Sill

LAWTON, OK (RNN Texoma) - The newest class of Leadership Oklahoma now has more insight on how the Army trains soldiers.

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The group spent the night on Fort Sill where they learned about military hand-held weapons, buddy-team tactics and medical situational training.

Despite the weather, Leadership Oklahoma’s class 32 is learning firsthand about what it takes to be in the Army.

“They received a warm welcome from our drill sergeants as they first arrived here at Fort Sill,” said Lt. Col. Elliott Harris, Battalion Commander of 119 Field Artillery. “They spent the night in the barracks last night and today we woke them up bright and early at 5:00 o’clock and conducted physical readiness training."

Afterwards they were treated to the same meals that soldiers eat.

“They went to the DFAC and experienced some of the Army’s finest food and got the opportunity to interact with soldiers,” said Lt. Col. Harris.

“We got to eat breakfast with the soldiers. So, getting to hear their stories, why they’re here, that some of them have deployed more than once and what those stories were so we’ve learned a lot,” said Rachel Anderson, Tulsa PR Firm.

Friday afternoon featured a round-robin event, where the class rotated to different stations introducing them to the skills soldiers' learn in basic training.

“So, learning a lot of new tasks out here and for a lot of these individuals most of them don’t have military backgrounds so this experience is something that offers them the ability to gain a perspective of what our Army and what our soldiers are going through,” said Lt. Col. Harris

And he says it goes both ways.

“It’s been a positive experience for us as well as the delegates of leadership Oklahoma. We learn as much from them as they learn from us,” said Lt. Col. Harris.

“I feel a lot more honored. They do this for us, for our freedom,” said Anderson, “Also, maybe I’ll get up a little earlier and work out in the morning more often.”

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