Cache RB featured on ESPN, Sunday Night Football

Arthur McDonald viral touchdown

CACHE, OK (RNN Texoma) - A Cache High School football player is embracing his new-found celebrity status after a play he made in last week’s game went viral.

The 72-yard touchdown run by Cache High School Senior Arthur McDonald has been all over the internet since it happened against Newcastle last Thursday. It started by making the rounds with Oklahoma media but did not stop there. It eventually made its way to ESPN's SportsCenter before airing on Sunday Night Football on NBC.

"My phone’s been blowing up a lot. Every time I unlock it it’s a whole new notification, a whole new person trying to text me. A whole new person, all over. I go on Twitter and scroll through and it’s all me. It’s pretty cool,” McDonald said.

The platforms the play has been featured on have allowed it to go viral across the world.

“It’s pretty cool, I’ve got people from when I was in Italy texting me saying ‘Oh my God’ we saw it, that’s pretty cool. I’ve got people from my childhood texting me, family from long ago texting me,” McDonald said.

McDonald’s teammates and friends from Cache immediately sprang to action after the game, sharing the play on Twitter. But Senior Brandon Pauley said he didn’t even realize how great the play was until he watched a video taken by his mom in the stands.

"First hand, like on the play, in the field, I was just running trying to get a block, I didn’t think much of it. After the game, I watched it and realized how crazy of a run it was,” Pauley said.

Pauley said there was a buzz around town all weekend as the video continued to pick up steam.

"It started off slow. We were crazy about it because it just hit ESPN. It was on their Instagram and Twitter. Once NBC had it, they said it was going to be on Sunday Night Football. We had people at my house trying to watch it. It was crazy,” Pauley said.

McDonald was obviously excited about the run and the publicity but said that play would not have been possible without each and every one of his teammates. He said he’s excited to keep improving over the rest of the season.

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