MEET THE CANDIDATES: Western District Three County Commissioner

MEET THE CANDIDATES: Western District Three County Commissioner

COMANCHE COUNTY, OK (RNN Texoma) - Election Day is just over two weeks away and regardless of who wins, there will be a new face on the board of Comanche County Commissioners.

Kerry Givens and Alvin Cargill are running for commissioner of Western District Three. The current commissioner, Don Hawthorn, is retiring after holding the seat since 2015.

Alvin Cargill grew up in the Cache area and graduated from Cache High School. He's worked across the nation in the wind industry and civil construction. If elected, he wants to find ways to make local government more efficient.

"Anytime you become efficient, it's tax dollars saved, and it's tax dollars that can be spent on other projects," Cargill said. "Ways, means and methods of improving road and bridge maintenance. One of the things I really want to look at is economic development."

Kerry Givens is no stranger to the area either. He grew up in Lawton and graduated from Eisenhower High School before moving to the Cache area. Givens is in the cattle business. He said over the years, he’s gotten to know the people of Comanche County and wants to build on what the previous county commissioner accomplished.

"I think there have been great strides made in the western district and I want to improve on them, but I still think we can do a better job as in representation listening to the needs and the issues and the concerns of the citizens," Givens said. "I'd like to gather information and help solve those issues."

Cargill believes his experience makes him the best man for the job, as well as his knowledge of building roads and managing budgets.

"Just the knowledge and the process of building those budgets of where to cut money, how to cut money and understand that when you cut it, you have to evaluate what you're cutting from," Cargill said.

Givens said he's gained experience as the Board President of the Comanche County Farm Bureau Federation and wants to put those problem-solving skills to work.

“I think that experience with lawmakers, county officials, city officials, community leaders and school officials gives me an opportunity to continue that work that I’ve done over the last 40 years,” Givens said.

Early voting starts November 1st and election day is November 6th.

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