Trout season brings people to Medicine Park

Trout season brings people to Medicine Park

LAWTON, OK (RNN Texoma) -Trout season has started this month and people are already taking advantage of a location to fish from.

Trout thrive in the cold water and we have the conditions for them right in Medicine Park. The fish are put out into the Medicine Creek River every two weeks, and it is a popular location to find trout. Trout season started November 1st and will last until March 15th. Owner of Little Dam Bait Shop, Johny Mac, said the interest people take in fishing is good for the community.

“This brings the people in that may be their first time to Medicine Park, they like to fish and we’ve got the restaurants downtown, it helps support the other businesses downtown," said Mac. New people come into town, they see Medicine Park, they tell somebody, it’s good for everybody.”

He said there are regulations that need to be followed. Such as the amount of fish that can be caught per person.

“The limit is six fish of any size, and once that fish is put on the stringer, or into the basket, you own the fish," said Mac. "It is against the law to take that fish off the stringer and remove it from the basket and release it to keep a larger fish.”

He said it is important to have separate baskets with each person’s name on it so that people do not combine their fish together exceeding the limit. Medicine Park Fisherman, Kevin Hipple said it’s a great feeling to come out and fish.

“It’s just enjoyable, I’m retired Army," said Hipple. "It’s just enjoyable just to come out and twirl a hook, it’s not cold out, it’s good airborne infantry weather I call it, it’s just nice out here.”

Johny Mac said he looks for trout around quiet areas near waterfalls and around rocks that are breaking the water up creating a circular motion. Fish usually gather around areas like this looking for food. Mac is offering a contest at his shop each week throughout the season for the biggest trout caught. The winner will receive a cash prize.

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