Lawton kid’s solo at Cameron’s Aggie Madness goes viral

Lawton kid’s solo at Cameron’s Aggie Madness goes viral

LAWTON, OK (RNN Texoma) - A kid from Lawton is going viral after he stole the show at Cameron University’s Aggie Madness. The pep rally was Cameron’s way to kick off the basketball season. During Aggie Madness, the men’s and women’s basketball team have a dance-off competition, and the women’s team has won at least the last four years in a row. Because of that, some members of the men’s basketball team decided to ask a friend to choreograph a dance, and she brought in some of her students.

Aggie Garrett Johnson got video of 5-year-old Allan Dacci dancing and posted it to Twitter. The video now has more than 20,000,000 views over multiple social media platforms.

"This was his first time actually doing like a hip-hop dance in front of people,” Allan’s mom Nina Dacci said. “He dances around the house and stuff but to actually say 'mom I want to dance' and get out there and dance with them and then to see it just kinda take off it's crazy."

The kid's choreographer Shae Smith brought in to help the team was originally supposed to have a smaller part, with no solos, but after seeing Allan dance, senior Tyus Momoh said they changed the choreography.

"We were going over dances and ideas and stuff like that, and we just saw AJ dancing, and we just let him do his thing and played the music, and we loved it. Everybody loved it," Momoh said.

"I see him do it every week, but it was cool for me to see them be so excited about it," Smith said.

The day of the dance, his mom said he decided to add some extra moves into his solo like the worm.

"He didn't do as much on Sunday night and on Monday night he did more which added a lot more enthusiasm to it," Momoh said.

Nina, Smith, and the players are surprised to see the video of him dancing go viral.

"Shae message me and was like Allan has about 50,000 views and then like 30 minutes later she was like it's up to 100,000 and then like it just went crazy from there," Nina said.

"My parents even seen it,” Momoh said. “They're going crazy about it calling me from back at home in Texas. So, it was a good deal."

As for what Allan thinks about it? “It’s cool,” he said.

Allan’s mom said her favorite part of all of this is that her son was just out there dancing and having fun. The men’s basketball team finally won the dance-off competition.

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