Salvation Army commander shares hurricane relief experience

Salvation Army commander shares hurricane relief experience

LAWTON, OK (RNN Texoma) - The commander at the Lawton Salvation Army is back after spending four of five weeks out of the state providing relief after two hurricanes hit the south. A week after getting back from helping people affected by Hurricane Florence in North Carolina, Major David Robinson was deployed to Florida in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael.

“Sometimes, people just need a shoulder to cry on,” he said.

Hurricane Michael flattened and destroyed houses in the Mexico Beach Florida area. Major Robinson said belongings were scattered for blocks throughout the area after the hurricane hit.

“They’re looking at their lives gone, but then they realize that it’s just stuff,” Major Robinson said. “That stuff wouldn’t be anything if it wasn’t for them living.”

Robinson said his team served around 5,000 meals every day after getting to Florida to help people whose lives were turned upside down after the hurricane. They also provided food and emotional support.

While doing that, he said they watched the aftermath strengthen a community by bringing together people who may have never met otherwise.

"It's not about what they lose, but what they find,” Major Robinson said. “They end up finding friendship, kinship, with people around them that maybe they didn't speak to being the storm. Now that the storms hit, they have to lean on one another, sharing information and sharing a meal together."

As the roads were cleaned, and the electricity came back on, the Salvation Army didn't need as many people there helping. So, Major Robinson came back to get things done at home.

He said this is one of their busiest times of the year but being there lending a hand was important.

“We put others first, God will protect us and take care of us,” he said. “We see that coming back here getting ready for Christmas. We’re right on course. We may be a little tired but we’re where we are schedule wise ready for Christmas.”

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