Empire Public Schools receive new activities bus

Empire Public Schools receive new activities bus

Duncan, OK (RNN Texoma) -Students at Empire High are excited about their new activities bus they received.

The previous activities bus they had is about 20 years old. A few students describe the new bus as an upgrade, loaded with features they did not have before. Empire High received this new activities bus through a bond that was voted on by the community. The bond included a series of items, and transportation was one of them. The bus was ordered six months ago, and brought to the school just recently. A few Empire High School students said they could already feel the difference when they rode in it.

“It was super awesome to know that we have a new bus because we took a major upgrade, and as soon as you got on you could already feel like it was going to be so awesome and stuff,” said Jaycee Porter.

“Smooth riding, it was a lot better, not as rough, and not as cold. We had the heaters on, it was nice,” said Jade Millan.

Transportation Director, Josh Skiles said the previous bus had mechanical problems that had to be repaired over the last few years. It even broke down a couple of times not too far from the school. He said having this new bus is a great feeling for all the students.

“The community is great out here and the students love this bus, so they get to enjoy it," said Skiles. "I know it’s been a long time coming for some of our seniors, they’ve rode the old bus for several years and now they have a new bus. They’re all excited. I think air conditioning is probably the biggest thing that excites them.”

Senior, Kinnedy Porter said the bus is not only great for the high school students, but the younger students as well.

“I just feel like it’s going to be a lot safer for the kids," said Porter. "There’s heating and air, so that’s going to be another thing that parents won’t have to worry about sending their kids off where it’s cold, they’re going to have a warm place to be. If it’s hot, a cold place to be, and it’s just nice for the school because the faculty always does so many nice things for us and it’s just so nice that they have gotten us a bus as students for us to be able to enjoy.”

Porter said she is most looking forward to being able to listen to the music they choose because of the auxiliary feature. Skiles said the bus will be used Thursday night for a junior high basketball game, and the first high school trip will be on Monday.

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