Local doctor remembered after deadly crash on Wednesday

Local doctor remembered after deadly crash on Wednesday

LAWTON, OK (RNN Texoma) - Some patients are mourning the loss of their Lawton doctor after she died in a car crash during her commute to work from Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol said it happened early Wednesday morning on I-44 near Newcastle when a driver tried to make a U-turn and was hit by an oncoming car. When the two collided, a metal box came off the pickup that made the u-turn and hit Doctor Analyssa Orjuela’s car. She was pronounced dead at the scene. Doctor Analyssa Orjuela performed a hysterectomy on Angela Christensen at the beginning of this year.

"She was a very great doctor. She was very kind," she said.

It was a scary time for Christensen because doctors thought she might have cancer.

"She just made everybody including my husband and my kids feel that she was going to take care of every need,” Christensen said. “She was just very warm, she was very kind, soft-spoken, just very personable."

Christensen was scheduled to see her again this month but was devastated to learn that she died in a car wreck.

"Seeing such a young lady that had such a bright future and was very great to her patients...making you feel at home,” she said. “It was very heartbreaking. Even now speaking about her it's unreal."

In her two years at Comanche County Memorial Hospital, Dr. Orjuela also made an impact on Ammie Gonzales. Gonzales only met her right before her operation that Dr. Orjuela assisted in.

"She asked me if I was okay because she said I looked upset and I told her that it was just surgery jitters and I'm sure that everything will be fine, but I'm still scared, and she said ‘you're going to be fine. We have this,’" Gonzales said.

Gonzales said she held her hand and comforted her as they wheeled her back for surgery. Even though she only met her once, Dr. Orjuela's death is upsetting Gonzales.

"My life was literally in her hands a week prior to that and just to think that someone having your life in their hands and they save you and then them die over something basically careless," she said.

Dr. Orjuela’s work family at Comanche County Memorial Hospital is also saddened and trying to cope with her passing. While this is a difficult time, her colleagues are now helping care for her patients.

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