Matt’s 2018-2019 Winter Outlook

Matt’s 2018-2019 Winter Outlook

LAWTON, OK (RNN Texoma) - Winter weather brings a variety of temperatures and precipitation to Texoma. For starters, it is our driest season and January is our driest month out of the whole year. But, winter storms can bring rain, snow, and ice, causing major impacts to the region. For the winter months, December through February, we average about 4.6″ of total precipitation (rain, snow, sleet, and ice).

First Alert 7 Chief Meteorologist Matt DiPirro's Winter Outlook

This winter, our weather pattern will be partially affected by a weak “El Nino”. These slightly warmer than average sea-surface temperatures in the Eastern Pacific may cause the southern branch of the jet stream to be active with several storm systems moving through the Southern Plains. However, cold air is likely to invade Texoma a few times as well and sometimes that air is simply very dry, preventing much precipitation. We will watch carefully for times when a storm system is in our area and cold air is also moving in at the same time. This is when a variety of wintry precipitation can fall, leading to travel impacts and power outages.

I do expect a couple of winter storms and one or two may have bigger impacts for travel, power outages, etc. I think we will have near average snowfall of 2-4″, which would be much more than we saw last year. I think we will have some cold snaps but also some warmer days. For the total winter, I expected temperatures to be slightly above average.

Be prepared! We will likely see some wintry weather over the next few months including snow, ice, and rain. Download our First Alert 7 Weather App to stay updated with the latest forecast and weather conditions!

~ First Alert 7 Chief Meteorologist Matt DiPirro

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