How to avoid clogged pipes after a holiday meal

How to avoid clogged pipes after a holiday meal

LAWTON, OK (RNN Texoma) -Thanksgiving is a time for plenty of turkey, however, you may want to think twice about what you throw down the drain and garbage disposal while you prepare the big feast.

Pippin Brothers Home Services plumber John McLaughlin said during the holiday season they are the busiest with calls from residents complaining about clogged pipes.

He said it’s okay to use your sink and faucet, but overusing it and placing large food items down the drain is a recipe for a disaster.

“You put it down the drain," said McLaughlin. "You see it disappear down the drain, but it’s not really gone. It’s just moved to your drain pipes.”

He said meats and pasta are some of the worst foods you can put down your drain, along with other items.

“Fats, oils and greases," said McLaughlin. Even if you’re running them in hot water and they’re liquid once they get down to the pipes they begin to cool off against the pipe walls and stick.”

He said while running a garbage disposal you should also run water with the food you’re disposing to carry it through the drain.

“So, running it for maybe thirty seconds past the time you’ve turned it off is a good idea," he said.

McLaughlin said the holidays are meant for enjoying family and delicious meals, but he asks residents to keep one thing in mind.

“My advice has always been if you’re peeling your potatoes into your sink that’s fine," he said. "Then take your hands, scoop up all of them you can, put that in the garbage can. The two or three of them that are left behind, that’s what the garbage disposal is for.”

McLaughlin said for those that don’t follow those instructions and end up with a clogged drain, you will need to call for assistance.

Pippin Brothers offers help 24/7, but it will cost you an additional fee on the holiday.

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