Rods 4 Warriors group takes Veterans fishing

Rods 4 Warriors group take Veterans fishing - 11-29-18

LAWTON, OK (RNN Texoma) -The Rods 4 Warriors is a non-profit organization created by military veterans for veterans and their families.

It’s designed to help military veterans find an escape from their daily struggles and enjoy a stress free environment through fishing.

Photojournalist Elizabeth Skahill and Good Morning Texoma anchor Makenzie Burk were invited out to see just what it is that they do.

“We are going fishing,” said Makenzie Burk.

“We are getting ready to take out the boat we going to take and travel up north of us,” said Thomas Moore, President of Rods 4 Warriors. “And we going to throw some rods, and hopefully catch some big cat fish.”

When asked how he feels about doing this for Veterans, Moore said he loves it.

“As far as taking the Vets out, it is been awesome,” said Moore. “A lot of these vets have never caught big fish, or ever been. So seeing their faces and how much joy and happiness, and how it improves their lives, it means a lot for us and our team.”

Moore showed how they go about reeling in the big ones.

“So we want to find the bait,” said Moore. “Which the birds are telling us where the bait is, so we go to the bait and we usually find the fish.”

Shiloh Womack is a Rods 4 Warriors member, and says they drift over 20 feet flats, back until the creek channel, using planer boards and shad, trying to catch a big blue.

“We had fun, a great time,” said Moore.

If you are a Veteran or know a Veteran that shares the Rods 4 Warriors passion for fishing and are interested in going with them, you can contact them on their Facebook page.

Also, be on the lookout for their fishing tournaments they hold. You can find information for those on their Facebook page as well.

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