Farmers pull together to harvest crop for lung cancer victim

Farmers harvest cotton crop for man diagnosed with lung cancer

GERONIMO, OK (RNN Texoma) - A group of Comanche County farmers is taking a day off from their own fields to harvest cotton for a man recently diagnosed with lung cancer. Friends of David Wolfe say he’s never hesitated to help others and this gesture is the least they can do.

“David is a super nice fellow," said Marvin Wyatt, Wolfe’s neighbor. "He’s been in the neighborhood all his life and would help anyone in their time of need.”

Those words are echoed by farmers and ranchers across southern Comanche County. David Wolfe was diagnosed with lung cancer two weeks ago and shortly after, neighbors came up with an idea to lift his spirits.

“Neighbors just got together to get his crop out for him in a timely manner," said Wyatt.

Stripping Wolfe’s 300 acres of cotton is just the beginning. Chattanooga FFA members are tarping the modules and neighbors will haul them out to the Tri-County Gin. It’s a costly process, but these farmers are doing it for free.

“It is expensive, but everybody is willing to do that," Wyatt said. "We’ve got enough neighbors to spread it out to create a burden. We’re doing it collectively.”

It’s been a rough year for Wolfe. He lost his wife a year and a half ago and treatment for lung cancer starts this week. Though the grieving process continues and healing has yet to begin, Wyatt says Wolfe has an entire community standing behind him, to lend a helping hand, just as he’s done for others.

“We just know if the shoes were switched around, he’d step in and do the same thing for us," said Wyatt. "I don’t think anyone has a problem stepping in and helping him out because we know he’d do the same for us.”

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