Neighborhood watch group helps police catch suspected porch pirate

Neighborhood watch group helps police catch suspected porch pirate
Neighborhood watch group helps police catch suspected porch pirate

LAWTON, OK (RNN Texoma) - A suspected porch pirate in Lawton is behind bars this evening after he was arrested with packages in his backpack. Police said the Fields and Dunning Neighborhood Watch Group helped them catch the accused package thief by letting them know where he was and what he had been doing in their neighborhood.

April Weber said she got a notification on Sunday that two packages were delivered, but when she went to get them they weren't there. That's when she looked at her surveillance video and saw a man ride up on his bicycle and take the packages off her porch.

Weber didn't think he'd be caught but posted pictures on the neighborhood watch page and within minutes people recognized him as Thomas Wagoner.

The same man hit the neighborhood again on Tuesday, but this time they were ready for him. He was caught in the act and chased by homeowners until police arrived and arrested Wagoner.

"It's a huge help for us because that way we know how to approach the situation,” Sgt. Timothy Jenkins with the Lawton Police Department said. “We're able to come into that incident with a much better knowledge of what to do. Any time a neighborhood watch person or a citizen is able to come out and give us information like that it's great for us."

Police said they found multiple packages in Wagoner's backpack. He was taken into custody for resisting an officer and petit larceny.

Mesias Ramis heard the sirens and didn’t know what was going on. He is new to Lawton and was surprised to hear that some people in his neighborhood came together to catch a porch pirate.

"I was kinda raised that way,” he said. “You help each other. I think it's awesome that they did that. I don't think there's enough of that going around anymore so it's great that it happened."

Other people in the neighborhood said they haven't had any of their packages stolen, but they're happy to hear the suspected package thief is out of the neighborhood.

Weber said she wasn’t able to get her items back, but since the theft happened on camera she was able to get a refund.

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