Marines donate gifts to foster kids

Marines donate gifts to foster kids

LAWTON, OK (RNN Texoma) - A group of Marines training at Fort Sill is spreading Christmas cheer to kids in the community. They bought gifts for CASA or Court Appointed Special Advocates.

The Marines left the toys at the CASA building for the foster volunteers to take to the kids because they aren't allowed to do it themselves. Officials told us it's because of some of the situations the children have been in and it's for stability.

Leigh Smallwood with CASA said most of them are thinking they might get a toothbrush or nothing at all, but these presents make sure they get something. The kid's reaction when they see they're getting a present is priceless.

"They run to you, give you hugs, tell you 'thank you', cry, ask you like 5 times is this really mine, is this really mine do I have to share because being in group homes they have to share like a stuffed animal and to know that it's actually theirs makes them happy," she said.

The Marines are given a free ride to the airport from Soldier Express for donating the gifts. Some of the marines delivering the gifts didn’t seem to care about the free ride but rather making Christmas better for the kids.

Private Reese Summerall helped deliver the toys today and said it means a lot to know these kids are getting a Christmas gift because of the guys he's training with.

"I've been in that situation too...not being able to get toys for Christmas, not afford to get what you want, and just knowing that it's going to a good cause and to a lot of good people just makes me feel better," he said.

While he hasn't been in their exact situation, he has a special place in his heart for them and knows the significance of something like this.

"It means a lot to know that person knows that someone is watching out for them, he said. “It's Christmas. You have not just God that's watching out for you, but you have other people looking out for you and there's always good people out there."

CASA volunteers started delivering the gifts on Friday and plan to have all of them delivered by Christmas.

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