Fletcher voters to cast ballot on six year $810,000 school bond

Fletcher voters to cast ballot on six-year $810,000 school bond

FLETCHER, OK (RNN Texoma) - An $810,000 school bond is up for a vote in Fletcher this coming Tuesday. If it passes, it will cover the cost of fixing a leaky roof at the district’s elementary school.

The school replaced some damaged ceiling tiles before Christmas break, and they're already showing water damage and bowing. Fletcher Public School's Superintendent, Shane Gilbreath, said this is a problem he thinks they need to fix.

"If you come in the elementary when it's a downpour, there's a downpour on the inside also," he said.

Every time it rains, they have to put out buckets to catch the water, so students don't slip and fall.

"Most of the leaks are on the 4th, 5th, and 6th-grade building. They change classes every hour, so they out in the hall all the time and right now they just have to dodge the buckets."

Students have been dodging the buckets for around 20 years now. Gilbreath said fixing the roof will make it safer for the kids.

"There will be half a dozen buckets down the hall, catching rain coming through, and we want to make things safe and secure for the kids," he said. "Ascetically, it will make things more pleasing to the eye, and it makes our whole school look better."

If the $810,000 bond passes, they’ll take the AC units on the west side of the roof off and put them in front of where teachers park now. Then, they’ll put a new, metal roof on top of the school. A few other bonds are ending this spring. Gilbreath said since they’re ending, passing this one won’t raise property taxes.

“Since we’re not going to raise your taxes by doing this, it keeps everything the same,” Gilbreath said. “If you want to help the kids out, if you want to help the community out, I’d vote yes on this.”

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