Altus MMA fighter chasing UFC dream

Altus MMA fighter chasing UFC dream

ALTUS, OK (RNN Texoma) - An Altus MMA fighter is following his dream of becoming a UFC champion.

18-year-old Jacob Maley is 2-0 in amateur MMA fights and is already the 125-pound champion for Rage in the Cage, an amateur fighting promotion in Oklahoma.

2018 was a year that both saw Jacob Maley start MMA and become an MMA champion.

"Honestly, when I first started this I didn’t see it going anywhere because I was like I’m not going to like this, then it turns out I started liking it. I’m taking it all the way to the UFC. That’s what I want to do, that’s what I love doing,” Maley said.

Maley tried his hand at wrestling and karate before falling in love with jiu jitsu while in high school. He said while he was training and competing in tournaments for that, an MMA offer came out of nowhere.

"I got offered a fight on 12 days’ notice against Rudy Del Torro, I took it and surprisingly we won. I was like there’s my MMA career, we’re going to start,” Maley said.

Once he got a taste of MMA fighting, Maley quickly fell in love.

"For me, I like hurting people it’s just something I like doing. I think it’s fun to make another man submit and show you’re the dominant person in a fight,” Maley said.

Both of Maley’s fights have ended exactly like that, with his opponent submitting after being choked out. He was supposed to have his third fight next week, but his opponent withdrew because of injury. Now, he’s looking for more opportunities for exposure.

"Since I’ve already won one title at 18-years-old, I’m trying to go to different states, out of town, trying to find some more bigger fights, better people, higher rankings,” Maley said.

Maley hopes those fights will one day take him to the UFC, though he knows it won’t be easy.

"A very long, hard work path, a lot of work and a lot of sacrifice and dedication for sure,” Maley said.

But, Maley knows if anyone can make it, it’s him.

"I’ve been dealt with a lot of difficulties over these few years. These last few fights, my grandma passed away during one of my first fights. I also lived in this gym for a little bit. Going after senior year was pretty tough for me. But I’ve had a great family, great coaches and a great girlfriend to stick by me,” Maley said.

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