Fort Sill celebrates historic milestone

Fort Sill celebrates historic milestone

FORT SILL (TNN) - For 150 years Fort Sill has served Oklahoma and the United States military by providing a home to soldiers and their families going through basic training, field artillery and air defense school. Every base or post isn’t around for 150 years.

“Its not the only one but one of the very few installations in this country that can trace it’s heritage back that far.” said Commanding General Wilson Shoffner.

To kick off the year long celebration 150 soldiers re-enlisted. It’s a pivotal step for these soldiers.

“When a soldier re-enlists he or she has already experienced years of serving and has had time to reflect on what that means for them and their families.”said Shoffner

After the re-enlistment ceremony guests toured the museum and got to see rare pieces of Fort Sill’s past not usually on display.

“We began here with the army and it’s mission of working with Native Americans. Keeping the peace security and stability of this area. And all the way to today where it’s the world’s premier artillery training center, for both air defense and artillery.” Director of Fort Sill Museums Frank Siltman.

From Breaking ground in 1869 to Tuesday celebrating the sesquicentennial is a huge milestone for Fort Sill.

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