Gardeners attend class in hopes of mastering gardening

Gardeners attend class in hopes of mastering gardening

WALTERS, OK (TNN) - A gardening class to help people master the art of gardening started on Wednesday. It’s offered through the local OSU Extension Office at various locations across Comanche, Stephens, and Cotton Counties.

Some of the people in the class said they don’t have green thumbs while others are commercial gardeners. Floyd Carter started his second year of classes.

He said gardening has always been a passion for him, but it became more than a hobby last year after a severe battle with the flu.

"With the illness that I had from the virus, it destroyed the left side of my heart, and I needed very healthy food. So, I started growing my own," he said.

Carter is now a commercial gardener with greenhouses. He said this is only his second year as a commercial gardener and he would like to see it continue to grow.

"Hopefully by 2020 I'll be able to produce well for my neighborhood," he said.

He goes to these classes to learn all he can from the experts that are brought in. Lynn Brandberger, a state horticulture specialist, talked to the class about Vegetable Gardening. One of the topics was warm-season veggie gardens and cool-season gardens. He said people should plan their cool season garden in August.

"The temperature goes from the 100's down to the 90's you'll get about a 10 or so degree drop in temperature,” he said. “If you have your garden ready to go, that's the time to plant...right then. And then we have the warm season. Usually, those are fruit-bearing things like tomatoes, okra, corn, snap beans, stuff like that."

Kim Davis with the Cotton County OSU extension office said this two-year course gives the participants a wide variety of topics.

"This allows us to give the opportunity for someone who is interested to go from being a hobbyist to a master gardener,” she said. “So, they get to perfect their skills and learn."

To be a master gardener, you have to attend all 12 classes over a two-year period. If you missed Wednesday’s class, you can still go through it. The course is $50 a person.

They meet again next Wednesday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Comanche county fairgrounds. Throughout the course, they'll rotate locations.

For more information, call the Cotton County OSU Extension Office at 580-875-3136.

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