Small Business Management Coordinators offer tips on entering the workforce

Small Business Management Coordinators give tips on entering the workforce

LAWTON, OK (TNN) -If you’re on the hunt for a job, or looking to do something different this new year, there are things to remember as you start this process.

Small Business Management Coordinator at The Great Plains Technology Center, Dr. Lynn Null said networking is number one in finding a job and knowing where to look.

“Finding a job, is a job and the best way to find a job, or get a job is to begin networking, talking to people. First it starts with self and knowing what are your interest, what are your skills, what can you bring to the table, and then network with the people,” said Dr. Null.

Being aware of what’s on your social media accounts and having a professional email address are things to look out for when applying for jobs. Taylor said there are resources out there that can help prepare and guide someone in finding a job such as Oklahoma Works. They offer services such as training and education programs, youth services, and career consultations. He said these services should be utilized.

“The reality is many people feel as though that they can always do it on their own, but you’re never in this by yourself. You have other resources, organizations, individuals that have the skill set necessary to help you get your resume, and it’s not just one resume. You need to be able to prepare a resume for that specific job that your applying for,” said Taylor.

Dr. Null said it’s good to practice interview questions , research the company you’re applying for, and dress the part for the interview. She said it’s important to always be yourself.

“You are going to be nervous no matter how many times you have done an interview, no matter how old you are, or how prepared you are, and so the key is being prepared practicing and knowing yourself because when you’re at an interview you don’t want to be somebody that you’re not, you want to be yourself and sell yourself.”

Taylor said a few websites to go search for jobs are, Okjobmatch, and Google. The Lawton Workforce Center is available for people to use at no cost. Registration is required to utilize their services. Registration hours are Wednesday’s and Friday’s from 8-3:30 p.m.

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