Unemployment down in Comanche County

Uneployment down in Comanche County

LAWTON, OK (TNN) - For the majority of counties across Oklahoma… including Comanche county unemployment is down.

The reason behind it stems from the national economy trending up… but in Lawton many local institutions work to change and develop the workforce here as the economy continues to improve.

“Not only are they trying to find and create new jobs, buy you also have individuals trying to create new businesses. Trying to take their business to the next level, trying to expand.” said James Taylor

Programs around Lawton offer residents opportunities to help grow their personal marketability. At great plains technology center.. helping people show off that marketability using growing technology is goal number one.

“You’ve got to keep an active resume, got to have an active process. You need to have an active social media and an active LinkedIn Page. You have to know what these different social media pages are about and how you can utilize them.” said Taylor

The chamber and Business development center are constantly searching for new jobs and businesses that offer enough flexibility to spend their paychecks locally

"We are looking for those A-jobs. Those jobs that help generate other opportunities. Not necessarily retail. retail, nice and retails important but those jobs that help create the opportunity to go spend at retail are even more important. Those jobs seem to be doing very well, and in many cases growing. " said Albert Johnson Jr.

On the chamber’s website… they offer up a step-by-step breakdown on what is needed to start and develop a new business here in Lawton.

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