Lawton welcomes new mayor

Lawton welcomes new mayor

LAWTON, OK (TNN) - The City of Lawton welcomed in a new mayor Monday morning. Mayor Stan Booker, who was raised in Lawton, took the oath of office inside the council chambers just after nine a.m.

Booker said he's been working to build relationships with the council members and at the top of his agenda is taking a tour of Lawton.

"I look forward to a tour of each of their wards and learning how I can help them reach their goals for their wards," he said.

After getting sworn in, Booker was briefed by the city attorney on city matters discussed in previous executive sessions. Booker has already talked to the incoming city manager and said their vision for the city is essentially the same. They both want to make Lawton the most efficient and premier city in the state.

"Everything we do we should say how is this applied to our vision to be the most efficient, premier city in the state? We'll develop goals as we go along,” he said. “We have to have all the information before we develop the proper goals."

Booker considers himself an active listener because he understands the importance of taking in all the facts before making a big decision.

"The future is a place we make, and we will not make the right future making the wrong decisions. So, we have to understand the entire formula before we make a decision," he said.

Booker said he'll take time to talk with the residents of Lawton and will provide complete transparency with decisions that are made.

"I want to know again that I will listen, and I will work with them and sometimes when the city has to say 'no' we're going to tell them why we can't do it and lay out the reasons that this is a problem," Booker said.

Ward One and Two council members were also sworn in on Monday. Councilman Keith Jackson keeps his seat as the Ward Two representative, and Mary Ann Hankins now serves as the Ward One representative after councilman Bob Morford didn’t seek reelection.

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