91-year-old Marlow man inspires others at gym

91-year-old Marlow man inspires others at gym

MARLOW, OK (TNN) - A 91-year-old in Marlow is proving that age is just a number. He started working out on a regular basis just a few years ago because of health problems, and now he’s inspiring others. Gordon McNutt’s workout goal is simple just keep moving.

"I could go home, sit in that recliner, and go to bed,” he said. “I wouldn't last too long. People my age, sometimes, they just give up. When you give up, you have a problem."

McNutt said he is not ready to give up because he's still having fun living life.

"I had a pacemaker put in two years ago, and they recommended that I started walking some to keep my heart beating," McNutt said.

So, he shows up in his dress shoes and works out for about an hour. The Hobart native likes to come in while everybody else is working. He said his favorite thing to do is walk on the treadmill.

"It's like walking,” he said. “But, I don't have to go outside in the weather."

Brandon Null owns Timeout Fitness in Marlow said McNutt is an inspiration.

"When I seen him get on the treadmill with his loafers, I'm like that's awesome,” he said. “He's in here doing his thing and what really got me was when he went from the treadmill to the rowing machine to the assault bikes. Those are hard equipment's that some of our regular athletes try to avoid and he's in here busting it out."

McNutt has a challenge for other people around his age or might have experienced health problems like him.

“Give it a try,” he said. “If you don’t like it, you can quit, but if you don’t keep working, you’re going to curl up and die.”

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