Veteran-owned medical marijuana dispensary opening in Medicine Park

Medicine Park Medical Marijuana

MEDICINE PARK, OK (TNN) - An Army veteran is opening a medical marijuana dispensary in Medicine Park that he hopes can change the lives of other local veterans.

As an Army Veteran himself, The Healing Clinic owner Travis Craig said he's setting out to offer a solution to other veterans seeking help. In addition, he hopes adding another source of tax revenue to Medicine Park can help them make improvements in the future.

The dispensary is set to open in late February on Lake Drive in Medicine Park.

"Medicine Park for us is a very eclectic community, a very fun community, a place where we are building in, we’re building a home and our children go to Elgin, which is close to the town. We enjoy the community very much and hope this will help it prosper and thrive,” Craig said.

Craig said he believes it will bring in more tax dollars, both from local residents and those visiting the town for one of their countless events.

"That will be a big part of our business is weekend events and getting the traffic in from the surrounding cities and things like that. Hopefully most the time it will be locals where we can cater to the local people. We’re small enough where we can cater to their needs and kind of keep things on hand that really help them,” Craig said.

Craig, who is a retired Army helicopter pilot, said a significant number of those locals are also retired military members.

"There are many illnesses out there that people have that aren’t being treated correctly, as far as opioid problems. Hopefully this will be able to welcome the veterans in and know that we are here to help them and can hopefully help with some of the illnesses they have,” Craig said.

The dispensary is set to open in late February and Craig said once it is, it will have things like a local art gallery and be more than just a dispensary.

"Hopefully it will be a very nice tourist attraction, maybe we can have people come visit, not just for medical cannabis but for a fun inviting place, an eclectic place where they can get t-shirts, hats, just a fun environment, especially for Medicine Park. Just promote the town, promote the surrounding area,” Craig said.

7NEWS reached out to Medicine Park Mayor Jennifer Ellis about the new business and potential impact it could have on the town.

She wasn’t available for an interview but did give a statement saying “I am thrilled to have a new business come to town. Our community survives on the collection of sales tax and the potential for this particular industry is huge for our community, as well as the entire state of Oklahoma. The owners have gone above and beyond to create a professional atmosphere and I think the patients who visit the dispensary will appreciate that. I anticipate they will do tremendously well in our community and certainly wish them the best.”

The business will have a soft opening on February 23rd, as well as a medical marijuana patient drive with a doctor on hand on February 2nd. You can learn more about both here.

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