Cameron students honor MLK’s legacy with day of service

Cameron day of service

LAWTON, OK (TNN) - More than 230 Cameron students celebrated the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior Monday by completing service projects at three Lawton elementary schools.

The students performed a variety of tasks, from cleaning toys and classroom supplies to organizing classrooms, at John Adams, Washington and Crosby Park elementary schools.

Shanna Newton is a fourth grader at Crosby Park Elementary School who decided she wanted to join the volunteers in action today. She said she was shocked to see how many people signed up to help out.

"It makes me feel so happy and feel so warm inside, it’s just crazy how many people came out. People came off the bus, I saw people come off the bus and it was full of them. Wow,” Newton said.

The Martin Luther King Junior Day of Service has become an annual tradition at Cameron, allowing students the chance to use their day off to give back to their community.

"I think it’s important that it shows the adults are caring about the students. Like this is not my school but it’s still good to come back and help other schools as well. I feel like I’m doing a good job doing this, and I feel like it was an honor doing this and helping everybody out to clean,” said Cameron University student Kelly Douglas.

The students said giving back to the community is never a bad thing, but felt doing it on today’s holiday had some extra meaning.

"Dr. Martin Luther King would have definitely wanted us to help out the community. He was a great man who did not just civil rights movements, but also helped out in his local community as well. I think he would have been very proud of the people who helped out today,” said Cameron University student Moses Kim.

"Dr. King gave a lot back and I think it's good that we're following the example of giving back. There's a vast diversity of students here, both young, old and of all demographics. It still shows that we're all coming together to honor that he fought for that ability,” Douglas said.

While many of the students participating said it’d be nice to stay home and get a little more sleep on their day off, it’s rewarding to be able to help others. They added that it says a lot about our community and the Cameron Student body that so many people showed up to help out.

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