Duncan community remembers Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Duncan community remembers Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

DUNCAN, OK (TNN) - People in the Duncan community came together on Monday to Celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day. They started the morning off with a remembrance ceremony before holding a parade.

Ron Sullivan watched the parade as it came down Main Street. He said he wonders how much better off we would be if Dr. King’s life wasn't cut short because he was a man with a vision.

"I just still keep hoping that we would see the realization of his dream where we quit looking at people on the outside and see people for who they are on the inside," Sullivan said.

Some of the things Dr. King is most known for is his Civil Rights contributions, and I Have A Dream speech. Victor Crawford, who drove in the parade, said Dr. King gave a lot of life lessons.

"He taught us not to have anger but to be humble,” Crawford said. “He taught us to continue to go on and fight. He taught us freedom and equality, and that's one of the greatest things we could learn."

“Inside we’re all the same,” Sullivan said. “It’s just the external factors that we place way too much on external factors and not enough on the internal like 'what is the person, what kind of character does the person have?”

Former Duncan Mayor Gene Brown said Dr. King left a foundation for everyone to carry on. He said improvements can be made to the community, state, and nation by working together.

"It's important to come together and take a glance back,” Brown said. “Not to go back, but so we can launch forward in order to continue to progress to be made. We've made a lot of progress, but there's still a lot that needs to be done."

Following the parade, story time was held at Foreman Prairie House where they spent time teaching kids more about Dr. King.

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