Hulu is getting cheaper, but its live TV plan will cost you more

Hulu has dropped its price for entry-level subscribers

(Gray News) – One week after streaming giant Netflix ruffled feathers with a price hike, its competitor Hulu is doing the same.

Beginning Feb. 26, Hulu Live will cost subscribers $45 a month, a $5 increase, according to CNN.

The company, co-owned by Disney, Fox, NBC and WarnerMedia, made the announcement Wednsday while also revealing a $2 price drop for its most basic plan.

The lowest plan will drop to $6 a month. It doesn’t come with live TV and users still have to watch commercials.

The commercial-free version will remain $12.

All of Netflix’s plans increased by $1-$2. None of them come with a live TV option, but none of them come with ads.

Despite adding 8 million subscribers last year, which outpaced Netflix’s 5.7 million, Hulu still trails Netflix. Hulu boasts only 25 million American users while Netflix sits at 139 million worldwide.

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