What’s going around in Lawton?

Flu season is upon us, but Flu isn't the biggest concern for many medical professionals - clipped version

LAWTON, OK (TNN) - Last year at this time, Lawton and the rest of Oklahoma was in the midst of a flu epidemic. This year, the numbers are way down. Since January 1st, One clinic in Lawton has taken more than 100 flu samples, and less than 20 have come back positive for the flu.

“last year was a widespread epidemic of flu and we saw things we had not seen in many many years. This time it’s just a regular season, it’s not as prevalent and we haven’t seen that many cases. But it’s still around and we’re going to see more of it” said Dr. Manual Delarosa

Flu season isn’t over yet, but according to Doctor Delarosa, it usually peaks by the end of this month. At many clinics around Lawton, it’s another virus that has health care workers worried.

“The main illness we have right now is Gastroenteritis, mainly in the kids. many are coming in with nausea, vomiting, coming in with weakness, we’ve had a few also be admitted into the emergency room that have had to be re-hydrated with IV fluid” said Nakeda Hall

Hall and Delarosa agreed that even though flu numbers are down, it’s not a time to be complacent. Whether you are sick or not, they gave some tips on how to steer clear or at least stop the spread of these various ailments.

Dr. Delarosa said to“stay home, take lots of fluids, take a medication for fever. Stay from antibiotics, they will not help cure any viral illness. Handwashing, stay home basically stay away from people.”

As of last week, Oklahoma is seeing more widespread influenza activity. While it is getting later into the flu season, both Hall and Delarosa agree it’s not to late to vaccinate

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