New Information on the Duncan Card Skimmers

Duncan Card Skipper -New Information

LAWTON, OK (TNN) - When Duncan PD arrived at the Gas Mart on Highway 81 they noticed there seemed to be nothing wrong with the actual card readers. When Gas Mart pump techs opened up the machines, it was immediately clear that the pumps had been tampered with. Duncan PD was able to use victim’s reports to build a time frame for how long the skimmers were in action.

“as far back as we can tell is January 10th at this time. SO the readers were on there for 11 days, twelve days. They had been on there for a period of time" said Lt. Byers

Lieutenant Byers explained how these skimmers worked, and how they were designed specifically for these pumps, due to their age and design. Because 6 of the 8 pumps had skimmers, the question has to be asked, how did no one notice them being installed?

“to get one of those skimmers in there, you’re going to have to unlock it, open it, unplug the certain wires, put the skimmer in, rewire it and then close it. So 5 minutes maybe longer" said Lt. Byers

Duncan PD isn’t positive if the skimmers were installed all at once or over a period of time. Lieutenant Byers realizes that paying at the pump is a big convenience for people, but protecting your card information should be priority number one.

“if anything looks out of place there are different images online that you can look and see what some of these skimmers look like. The one’s on the inside, you aren’t going to see anything different. But if it looks like the panel on it is lose you might bring it to the clerks attention, or go inside and pay for your gas." said Lt. Byers

Lt. Byers told me that he is sending the skimmers off to be tested in Tennessee. He’s hopeful that the information he gets back will help them locate the individual or individuals responsible.

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