Update: 2017 property tax fixing Lawton roads

Update: 2017 property tax fixing Lawton roads
Back in 2017, the Lawton community voted in favor of adopting a property tax that would provide funding to fix roads throughout the city. (Source: KSWO)

LAWTON, OK (TNN) - Back in 2017, the Lawton community voted in favor of adopting a property tax that would provide funding to fix roads throughout the city.

Update: 2017 property tax fixing Lawton roads

George Hennessee, city engineer for the City of Lawton, said the anticipated funding will be about $55.3 million, with money being collected annually.

The first round of roads have already been decided. One of the roads in the first round, SW Bishop road between 38th and 52nd, has already been completed

The roads designated for improvements were selected by each city councilperson within their respective wards.

“The general consensus is that we will identify the roads with the worst conditions and the highest traffic volumes,” said Hennessee.

Several residential roads are on the list to be completed in this first round, one being SW C Ave. between 18th and 21st. However, they are still in the engineering process.

Another project is the intersection at Cache and Flower Mound road, which is currently under design. They plan to install a traffic light.

“They’re the projects that have been identified with the first two years of funding that is available," said Hennessee. "Again, we have thirteen years of Ad Valorem that we anticipate collecting, and so as that funding is collected, then council will determine what projects we need to pursue.”

Hennessee said this first round of roads could be completed within the next three years.

“Generally after we award a contract for design to a consultant, he generally takes in the neighborhood of a year to a year and a half for that design," said Hennessee. "Then after that we take bids, and it will take the contractor then probably at least a year, maybe a year and a half for construction.”

Hennessee said the entire city of Lawton will benefit from the Ad Valorem program.

“Each ward was allowed to choose within their ward and so it kind of spreads the work around the city, so not just one area of the city is getting improvements, said Hennessee. "The entire city’s getting improved.”

The complete list for the first round is as follows:

SW Bishop Rd (38th to 52nd) completed

Residential streets for phase 1 include:

NW 40th (38th to 39th St)

NW 24th (23rd to Cache Road)

NW Carroll Dr (14th to Mobley)

NW 36th (10 NW 36th to 40 NW 36th)

SW 26th (Gore to Cornell)

SE 47th (Kincaid to Brown)

Bedford Circle (South of Bedford Drive)

SW C Ave. (18th to 21st)

NW 78th (Tango to Welco)

SW 7th (McKinley to Lee)

SW Oakcliff (63rd to 66th)

Residential Street Improvements Phase 2:

NW 22nd St (Cache Rd NW Baltimore)

NW Taylor (NW 18th to NW 19th)

NW 12th (NW Taylor to NW Lawton)

SW 26th (SW E to SW Franklin)

NW Bell (NW Bell to NW 25th St Bridge)

SW Cornell (SW 25th to Dead End)

SW C (SW 23rd Pl to SW 24th)

SE Indiana (SE Kincaid to 1608 Kincaid)

SE Brighton Dr (SE Meiling to SE Brighton Pl)

SW 19th (Gore to SW C)

SW 20th (SW E to SW D)

SW Coral (SW Forest to SW Boatsman)

SW 77th (Forest to SW Delta)

NW Taylor (NW Hunter to NW 72nd)

SW 43rd (SW Wolf to SW Wendy)

Boyles Landing (SW Pamela to Lee)

NW Elm (NW 53rd to NW 57th)

SW 52nd St from Railroad Tracks to Gore Blvd

Traffic Signal to be added at Flower Mound and East Cache Road

SW 27th and NW 31st and Gore Intersection

38th Mill and Overlay (Lee to Gore)

Sheridan (Lee to Bishop)

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