A Child Who Hopes: DHS trying to adopt siblings Esperanza and Romeo together

A Child Who Hopes: DHS trying to adopt siblings Esperanza and Romeo together

LAWTON, OK (TNN) - Two siblings, who’ve been in foster care for the past two and a half years, are now looking to be adopted together. 7NEWS reporter Haley Wilson spent time with the game-loving duo at Chuck E Cheese for this month’s “A Child Who Hopes.”

Esperanza and Romeo are a bundle of energy.

"Can we go play after this,” Esperanza asked.

"After this, you can play some more," Wilson said.

"I want to play Jurassic world again," Romeo said.

"I want to play spray zombie," Esperanza said.

Playing is their favorite thing to do.

"We like to go into the mall to the playground,” Esperanza said. “My mom and dad take us there."

The kids have a good relationship with their foster parents who they've been living with for nearly two years. 5-year-old Esperanza is outgoing, curious and friendly. She’s an overall happy kid. She's also very talkative, but as soon as you meet her 7-year-old brother, you'll realize that he is quite the opposite.

“It takes a little bit to get him to warm up to you, but he kinda knows what he wants, and he’s someone you probably need to be patient with a little bit and work with,” Keith Paxton, the kids DHS worker said.

Paxton said they have the normal sibling rivalry, but they get along pretty well. Keeping them together is very important to him.

“If you separate them, I think they’re going to be lost without each other,” he said. “Even though they struggle as siblings, I think they need each other. It’s vital just for growth as they grow together and have a sibling bond. They’re great kids. They have a lot of potential, and I think they’ll be a great addition to a family. They’re just lovable kids.”

Paxton said the siblings would fit in well with a family that can set rules yet still interact and can get on the kids' level. He says Romeo needs someone patient who he can get comfortable with.

If you have room in your heart for Esperanza and Romeo give DHS a call at 580-471-7942.

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