Two millionth shot fired on Fort Sill

Two millionth shot fired on Fort Sill
Soldiers at Fort Sill are wrapping up a historic day on post- two million shots fired! (Source: KSWO)

FORT SILL, OK (TNN) - Soldiers at Fort Sill are wrapping up a historic day on post- two million shots fired!

Two millionth shot fired on Fort Sill

Fort Sill always has new soldiers going through artillery training, which is why hundreds of rounds are fired each week. This crew will typically have four to five soldiers manning a gun. Today’s two millionth shot was fired using an M119 Howitzer, a weapon that can be attached to Humvees or strapped to helicopters.

One Lieutenant said he is proud to be a part of this moment in history alongside his fellow soldiers.

“It’s an honor, for starters," said 2nd Lt. Matthew Caswell, executive officer, B Battery 2-2 FA. "It’s a unit I’ve only been in for less than a year. So, to be here for this kind of a time, where I can celebrate this much history for the unit, that’s pretty cool for me. More, what I’m proud of, rather than just the number, is the soldiers that I’m out here with.”

The commander of Bravo Battery said he has come to Fort Sill and served in this battalion before, and he is glad he returned to the post just in time for the milestone.

“Specifically requested to come back to Fort Sill and to command Bravo Battery, and to do it and to take the command the day before the two millionth round is shot, and to be here for that historic event at the same time as the 150th anniversary of Fort Sill, to me, is extremely special,” said Captain Tyger Lyons, commander, B Battery 2-2 FA.

Lyons said he thinks of Fort Sill as the longest field artillery unit in the world, because every forward observer that comes through the army and marine corps comes through Fort Sill to learn about calling and directing fires on the battlefield.

“Every one of those forward observers is trained by this unit," said Lyons. "And so in every point of conflict around the world, you have a forward observer that was trained here at Fort Sill by this unit who’s ready to call down the full might of the U.S. military in support of our strategic interests. That makes this an incredibly strategic unit because no other field artillery unit in the world has that much influence.”

After the two millionth shot was fired, it was back to business as usual as the soldiers continued firing off more rounds. The one millionth shot was fired back in 1997 and the three millionth is expected to be fired in 2035.

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