Dog in Cache killed by unknown shooter

Cache dog shot

CACHE, OK (TNN) - A Cache man said his neighbor’s dog was shot and killed in his yard by who he believes was a complete stranger.

Jeffrey Courchaine said he was getting ready for work on Thursday morning when he heard three or four gunshots outside. When he left for work, he says he found his neighbor’s dog dead in his yard near the road with gunshot wounds. He said he quickly began talking with others living in the area who told him this isn't the first time something like this has happened.

Courchaine said he was disturbed by what he saw and says it hits extremely close to home.

“I recently had to put my dog down that I had about a month ago and that was really difficult, fortunately it was a medical issue but in this case it’s very frustrating, very sad because there’s no reason for this to happen. This is a dog that I’ve seen coming up and down the road multiple times and just kinds of wanders," Courchaine said.

Courchaine said as he was talking about the incident with his neighbors, he was told the same thing happened to another dog on the same road roughly a year ago.

“If it’s the same person, I think there might be a pattern there. But obviously the fact that they are still out there doing this is something we can change," Courchaine said.

Courchaine said he believes someone out there knows who is responsible and urges them to come forward and report it.

“Because I think this person needs to go away. This is an animal that somebody loved and cared for. For them to have to come see it like that. I don’t know what you can do to take that away," Courchaine said.

Courchaine has a message for whomever is responsible.

“I would say that I think they’re a coward. To either be walking by or driving by and just to shoot an innocent animal like that. I don’t think they’re worth anything. They know where it happened and they can come by here anytime. I’m right up there, I’d really be interested in seeing who that was," Courchaine said.

Courchaine said he obviously wants whoever did this to face justice but more importantly, wants to ensure that person can never do it again. If you have any information, you’re encouraged to call the police.

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