Geronimo’s growing with a bang

Geronimo’s growing with a bang
Geronimo is looking to boost its economy through a new business.

GERONIMO, OK (TNN) - Geronimo is looking to boost its economy through a new business. Mayor of Geronimo, Katherine Rice, says it has been about seven years since a new business has come to town.

Geronimo’s growing with a bang

“This is really rare,” said Mayor Rice. “I would say the last business that moved to Geronimo was Dollar General.”

Geronimo is growing and they’re doing it with a bang as the owners of King Fireworks are bringing their flagship store back home.

“We lived here in Geronimo for years and we moved out an went north but it’s a nice little town,” said Keith Herriage, President of King Fireworks.

About a year ago, Keith and his wife Cindy took the idea to the city council.

“It was a unanimous vote,” said Herriage. “Come on down, we’re ready.”

“We’re really excited,” said Mayor Rice. “The type of businesses that we want, we want to encourage local people to be entrepreneurs and to give back to the city and what better way to do that than by creating jobs and creating more tax revenue for the citizens.”

In addition to the tremendous impact from tax dollars, Mayor Rice says the city is hoping for additional foot traffic from revelers.

“During the 4th of July, we allow people to pop off fireworks here, which is rare for other communities and so we also attract just people who love to celebrate using fireworks,” said Mayor Rice.

The 5,000 square foot warehouse will be located right off US 277 in Geronimo. It is expected to open for business on June 15th.

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