Lawton PTA Council celebrates the PTA founder’s day and artistic students

Lawton PTA Council celebrates a milestone, and presented awards to young artists

LAWTON, OK (TNN) - Lawton’s PTA Council celebrated the National PTA founder’s day, as well as presenting the Reflection awards to students of all ages.

Central Middle School was full of talented students tonight, all being recognized for something unique - their artistic endeavors.

Many students from all ages don't have the chance to be recognized if it isn't for athletics or academics, but the ceremony tonight helped change that.

“It’s awesome to see them be able to express their talents in all the different fields we have. And to see them recognized for it makes them want to continue to learn and continue their education. We’re super excited to be able to do this for them” said PTA president Pam Brisolara

During the ceremony, the PTA council also celebrated the 122nd year of the national PTA's existence. Currently there are 22 active PTA units around Lawton, and each one helps schools improve, and helps provide a strong learning environment for their children.

“Parents are so important in being apart of their children’s lives. AS they become a part of their children’s lives, their children become stronger. And they become the adults that are responsible adults that are going to be able to be amazing in all they do” said Brisolara

After the PTA recognition, Mayor Stan Booker along with Dana Moore presented awards to students as young as five years old for their artistic achievements in categories like Literature, Dance Choreography and Music Composition. The music Composition winner even performed her award winning song. Every year, Reflections nationally picks a theme and this year's was "Heroes Among Us."

“I mean it really cuts to your heart, really some interesting and really important topics that they have talked about the different heroes in their lives. It could be a janitor, a grandparent, a military person or a teacher to someone that has helped them out of a bad situation” said Dana Moore, the PTA council Reflections’ Chair.

The students who took home the top prize are still in the running for a national award, and those will be announced March 1st.

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